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Over Due

I guess this entry a lil overdue since I signed up for this a while ago. I have to admit I never really thought I would ever sign up on this site and if it wasn't for some of my favorite authors on posting stories here that I like reading I doubt I would have ever bothered to create an acount. Nonetheless I am here :) I still haven't really figured out what I want to use this for other than the obvious of reading and communicating with my fav writers. I'm sure that in time I will figure it out. Anywho, I guess I will tell ya a lil about myself.

I'm 25 years old, I graduated from college in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communications (who would ever a college graduate). I love drawing and learning how to digitally paint. Not sure if it's something I want to pursue as an actual career but as for right now I enjoy doing it for fun, you can check out my fanart at and dont forget to say hi :)


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oooooo a stalker =O lol and yes it's about time lol! It's a wonder why we are only just adding each other...

Yeah I just started working as a graphic artist last year. I like the work but it takes a major toll on my eyes. So despite liking it I think I might need a career change because the long hours, crap pay and the overall strain on my eyes just isn't worth it. I might just do what I'm doing now which is more or less freelance. Just take a job here and there while I look for something more permanent.

Why haven't I written anything well quite simple, I'm lazy -___- and I'd rather read and look forward to updates instead of trying to write and update a story lol! I honestly can't sit still long enough to get my thoughts on paper I have had ideas that just come and go at random. My lack of concentration is why I say who would've thought me a college grad. I swear it amazes me to this day I finished cause I never payed attention for more than a minute in class lol. Im not ruling out writing one I just don't know when it would ever manifest.

Poser will be next on my agenda. I swear I could kick myself I'm such a procrastinator so now I'm literally gonna be up all night trying to finish this work and it's not even hard...just tedious >.<. It's so weird to be back on the sleep 2 hour schedule but that's what I'll be doing at least tonight then I'll crash after meeting my potential clients..if only it was mid day already >.<.

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