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Over Due

I guess this entry a lil overdue since I signed up for this a while ago. I have to admit I never really thought I would ever sign up on this site and if it wasn't for some of my favorite authors on posting stories here that I like reading I doubt I would have ever bothered to create an acount. Nonetheless I am here :) I still haven't really figured out what I want to use this for other than the obvious of reading and communicating with my fav writers. I'm sure that in time I will figure it out. Anywho, I guess I will tell ya a lil about myself.

I'm 25 years old, I graduated from college in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communications (who would ever a college graduate). I love drawing and learning how to digitally paint. Not sure if it's something I want to pursue as an actual career but as for right now I enjoy doing it for fun, you can check out my fanart at and dont forget to say hi :)


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o.O I didn't know you worked in graphic Design/media production when I agreed to the posters or that you were a Fine Arts major. That's double AWESOME. ^_^ Sorry for stalking you, but figured since I see you commenting so much that I should learn more about you, hehe. I'm honored that you'll do a poster for me and I've added you as a friend. ^_^ About time huh, hehe. Funny thing is that I got into Lj the same way you did, by following fanfic writers here, and didn't even dream that I'd be a writer since don't really care for writing (I like reading better XD). How come you haven't written anything? You should make a oneshot in which Yunho is abused or messed if those are rare (a Hosu pairing would be awesome!) That's why I started writing (jaemin updates were slow and not seeing my favorite pairing in certain genre's). Anyway, just wanted to inform you that you were stalked. XD (I know, abrupt ending but didn't know how to end it. ^^)

oooooo a stalker =O lol and yes it's about time lol! It's a wonder why we are only just adding each other...

Yeah I just started working as a graphic artist last year. I like the work but it takes a major toll on my eyes. So despite liking it I think I might need a career change because the long hours, crap pay and the overall strain on my eyes just isn't worth it. I might just do what I'm doing now which is more or less freelance. Just take a job here and there while I look for something more permanent.

Why haven't I written anything well quite simple, I'm lazy -___- and I'd rather read and look forward to updates instead of trying to write and update a story lol! I honestly can't sit still long enough to get my thoughts on paper I have had ideas that just come and go at random. My lack of concentration is why I say who would've thought me a college grad. I swear it amazes me to this day I finished cause I never payed attention for more than a minute in class lol. Im not ruling out writing one I just don't know when it would ever manifest.

Poser will be next on my agenda. I swear I could kick myself I'm such a procrastinator so now I'm literally gonna be up all night trying to finish this work and it's not even hard...just tedious >.<. It's so weird to be back on the sleep 2 hour schedule but that's what I'll be doing at least tonight then I'll crash after meeting my potential clients..if only it was mid day already >.<.

Haha, a true artist. Lack of attention and procrastination. XD I'm only half an artist, hehe, in the sense that I like to paint from time to time and am somewhat gifted (childishly so though), and I like to procrastinate too. ^_^

Sucks that it strains your eyes, do you wear glasses? Hopefully it works out for you the change that you want to get.

LOL on the lazy part, but understand the wanting to read than write bit. I wish I liked all pairings, but I can't read anything that doesn't include jaemin somewhere (barely even wondered to Hosu pairing and even there if it has too much of jaechun, yoomin, or yunjae I can't stand it), so very limited in what I can read. :*( Why do I have to be this way?!

Sucks when procrastination takes sleep away huh. Hope you have an alright day and that you're able to recover in three days (you know how it takes one night of not sleeping well and you're feeling it for three days). ^^ K, talk to you later. :D

LOL is that what it means to be a true artist to be lazy to the point I should get paid for it :O and to avoid my work by any means necessary!XD. Although personally I feel like I suck as a graphic artist and artist. I haven't drawn in years just simply too lazy. I'd rather do some digital color of someone else's line art for fun.

lol yeah I wear glasses that's how I know that I wont be in this field much longer simply because even with them after long hours I can feel the muscles in my eyes training and then it takes days for them to stop hurting and then the inevitable migraine that comes with it sucks ass.

REally!?! I read every pairing from YunJae to YooMin, JaeChun HoMin,2U, MinSu,HoSu, JaeSu. I'm not too picky as long as it' a good story line and well written not too many grammatical errors and doesn't have too many crossovers with other fandoms that I could careless about. I hate when I'm reading and it's like every other word is just spelt wrong or used in the wrong tense. I shouldn't have to keep correcting a story in my head every 10 seconds. Although I understand that for most people here english is not their first language.

Hmm, I've even read Big Bang fanfics as well as SuJu although I will admit there is more crap writing in those fandoms than I can stand >.> and since TVXQ was my first Kpop group and firstK-fanfiction they are my first love :D.

As far as the sleep, I'll be fine after one night since I normally go weeks with just sleeping on average 5 hours or less a night. It's a norm...

Have you read Harry Potter fanfics? I really like Dramione for that fandom and there have been great stories with that pairing that I've read. If you want I can give you some links of memorable ones from there. Since I started reading fanfic's from that fandom it was really a shock when I read the ones from kpop in Lj (which made me even more picky), but got use to the writing after a while. By getting use to it I mean that I automatically switch the tenses and meaning meant when reading, sometimes without knowing that I'm doing it. XD (Some though are o,O and I can't do that.)

For the Harry Potter fandom I selected my stories based on plot and how fast the couple got together (I didn't like for them to get together fast and that's why I try for my couples to not get together fast unless it's fantasy or destined type of thing :D).

Anyway, I promise this is the last one. Just PM me whenever you'd like to try that fandom (if you'd like to try it; I know you're busy right now.) ^_^

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