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I'm a working woman now! :D
So I recently got a job. I know shocking right, and get this,it's in the field I have always dreamed about working in. I currently work as a graphic Designer/media production assistant. I started on Monday and my first assignment is to design a poster for a New year's eve party. Not hard right I mean even I thought that but apparently it is since my boss keeps telling me my design is too traditional. I'm not quite sure what to do I did a new design and I wish I could post it so I could get some feedback from people but I can't :(

I just hope when he see's it tomorrow that he will like it and I wont have to redo it...again. I like my job I just feel a lil insecure about my position. I dont have a ounce of training i graphic design. I'm purely self taught and I guess I'm just feeling a lil out of place. I dont want to loose this job because God KNOWS I've been waiting for something this for years!

The only thing I miss about unemployment is the sleep (I slept a total of maybe 3 hours last night working on that design that he didn't even bother to look at), and reading DBSK Fanfic's!!! :( I swear I'm behind on everything I can't even find the energy to read themw hen I get home int he evening! It's only 8:30 and guess what I'm getting ready to go take a shower to go to bed! I use to stay up until 2 to 3 am now I'm like a old woman who falls alseep as soon as the sun goes down.

So to any of the people on my friends list that might read this (prolly no one, I'm so unpopular lol) do a girl a favor and recommend your best DBSK fanfic.

-Any pairing
-Multi - Chapter(oneshots are nice but I like to read things that are long)
-I LOVE JAEMIN but like I said any pairing is good
-I like stories where Jae is being abused (I dont know why I love torturing that boy)
-Also love stories where Yunho is abused or messed (those are rare)
-Well written (I hate trying to decipher poorly written stories with bad grammer and spelling >.<)

I guess that's it so ladies recommend away. I have all of next week to read since I'll be off of work!



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