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Hey everyone. I've recently become addicted to the crack known as the 'Shining Inheritance'. I absolutely LOVE this K-Drama problem is I'm on episode 19 and I can't find anywhere online to watch it. I've tried watching it on mysoju, dramacrazy, viikii and it just wont play. I can't watch it on Veoh because I dont reside within the U.S. So all my dear lovely people, could you help a sis out and tell me where I can possibly watch this online w/o downloading it and if I absolutely must download it (prays with all my heart that I wont have to) can tell me where. I seriously want to know what happens next! Thanks to anyone that actually took the time out to the read this and a big hug to anyone who decides to help!


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Thanks for the help, I already finished the series found the episodes that would play on the websites listed on asian rice. Thanks anyway for your help and for introducing me to another site =D

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